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March 26, 2014

Urge CA to Divest Taxpayer Money From Companies Supporting Torture of LGBT Russian Youth

It’s appalling. California’s pension fund (CalPERS)—the largest public pension fund in the nation—has invested more than $25 million in companies that directly support the torture and abuse of LGBT youth: and MegaFon. These companies are tied to VK.Com, the Russian internet company that has allowed Occupy Pedophilia to post videos of LGBT teenagers being…


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January 10, 2014

Take Action to Stand With NCLR Client Chris Kluwe

Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe made history when he became one of the NFL’s first and fiercest allies for the freedom to marry. His tireless work to secure marriage equality in Minnesota—including interviews and appearances in ad campaigns—helped change hearts and minds, and shattered stereotypes. Take Action to Stand With Chris Kluwe Now. Unfortunately,…


November 4, 2013

Senate to Vote on ENDA: Act Now

The Senate is poised to act on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), and a final vote could happen as early as this week! We need your help to ensure senators support workplace equality for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people when they vote. Americans from all walks of life share the basic value…


October 23, 2013

Make a Promise to Support All Students

Make a promise to support all students, and decline to sign any action from opponents who are trying to stand in the way of students’ success and even their ability to graduate from high school.



July 8, 2013

Ask California Gov. Jerry Brown to Help Transgender Young People

When Logan tried to take P.E. during his freshman year, he was sent to the nurse’s office to change because he is transgender. This isolated him from other students, exposing him to constant stigma and harassment, and made him feel terrible about himself. It also made him 15 minutes late to classes each day. Eventually, he just gave up on gym altogether.


April 19, 2013

Help Nevada Win the Freedom to Marry!

Nevada is about to take a huge step forward. Last week, a Senate committee voted to advance a resolution that would overturn Nevada’s anti-marriage amendment and replace it with the freedom to marry. The measure now moves to the full Senate, where it must receive a vote in the coming days in order to begin the multi-year process of winning marriage for all loving couples in Nevada.


February 14, 2013

Lobby for Equality in Maryland on Monday!

Help transgender Marylanders, who remain unprotected in state law from discrimination in employment, housing, places of public accommodation, and credit.


January 25, 2013

Help Us Pass These LGBT Equality Bills in the Equality State!

NCLR is working hand in hand with our friends at Wyoming Equality, the Human Rights Campaign, and other supporters to pass the first-ever LGBT equality bills in Wyoming—The Equality State.


October 25, 2012

Help Win Marriage Equality in Four States this Election

Find out how you can advance marriage equality in Washington, Maryland, Maine, and Minnesota this election day.


September 11, 2012

We Need You to Ask Governor Brown to Protect LGBT Youth from Dangerous Psychological Abuse

Encourage CA Gov. Gerry Brown to protect LGBT young people from the psychological abuse inflicted on them by deceitful mental health professionals.


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